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best holiday destinations and vacations this November

5 Best Holiday Destinations

Do you know what’s makes an outstanding travel vacation? Prior planning! And what makes a good prior planning? knowing the best holiday destinations ahead of time!best holiday destinations and vacations this November

Today we’re going to help you in your prior trip planning. By giving you 5 top holiday locations and providing you with start-up information about these sites, we’ll save you a long shot in the process of preparing for your holiday trip.

#1 The Caribbean

Head to the Caribbean for the best holiday destination

The Caribbean is one of November’s best holiday destinations. Starting off with November- because it’s an amazing opportunity to travel before the rush of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Beaches, hotels, and airports tend to be quiet despite the charming offers. Which is, especially the reason why you need to travel in this time of the year. Taking advantage of the quiet destinations and tempting offers should be a smart move on your side.

Consider Barbados, Vincent, Grenadines, Lucia Aruba, and Bonaire or Curacao for the best beach holiday. And if you’re worried from weather changes; the further you go south the safest you get from any possible storms.

best holiday destinations to go in 2018

If it ever occurs to you to buy an insurance, don’t think of hurricane insurance. Always think of trip insurance, regardless of where or when you travel. Keep that in mind!

The hurricane season ends in November. You can also check the number of hurricanes hit the island of your choice. you’ll be surprised how few hurricanes hit the past 150 years. Don’t let anything stop you from visiting these top holiday destinations anytime!

Avoid traveling in Thanksgiving unless you’ll surely get hit by a hurricane of crowds!

#2 The Canary Islands

Best holiday destinations

Looking for a perfect holiday destination? The Canary Islands surprisingly offer the best hot weather in the winter months. Those magnificent islands have a pleasant sunshine all year round with an average winter wind.

Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, and La Gomera are the most popular holiday locations in the Canary Islands with a 22C temperature around November. Sunbathing or relaxing in this weather is a good choice.

The best holiday destination of the year - the canary islands
Source: beach

By heading to the Canary Islands this year, you’ll enjoy a wide range of watersports activities like windsurfing and diving. By staying at five-star resorts & profiting of the budget-friendly offers this time of the year, you can be sure to spend the best holiday vacation of your life.

#3 Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok best hotels - best holiday destinations

You know it, I know it, we always have the same discussion wondering where to go on holiday each year. The options of popular holiday destinations are limitless, but the budget actually is!

So, by limiting our options looking on a slightly tight circle; Thailand is not only amongst the best November destinations, also the cheapest! Best holiday destinations in Thailand, Bangkok

Knowing that the best time to visit Thailand is on the cold, dry season which happens to be from November to April has increased our chances of better holiday vacation. The west coast is most favored in the winter months.

Head to Khao Lak, Phuket, Krabi and you’ll enjoy a wide range of beach holiday activities and more so if you arrive in early November you’ll beat the crowds.

#4 ChileChile the cheapest and best holiday destination

With the beginning of the holiday season, most of the popular tourism cities start to crowd. And by knowing that, the smart travelers start packing and scheduling their flights at the start of November.

What you should know is that Chile enjoys being one of the best vacation destinations for adventurous visitors. For those looking for more active adventures I suggest you make a checklist of things to do in Chile on your plane trip:

  • Hiking & Camping
  • Mountain bike
  • Sightseeing
  • Stargazing
  • River Rafting
  • Ski & Snowboarding!
  • Balloon Ride!!
  • Horseback riding
  • Visit the national park
  • Go to the beach

#5 New Zelandnew zealand queenstown the best holiday destinations

Always travel before the peak summer holiday season, when it’s calm the most. So November in New Zealand might have few rainy days, but generally warm weather. Prepare a rainproof jacket just in case and start packing.

The best holiday destinations in New Zealand would be the south island. Especially if you’re looking for a quiet visit, scenic views, lakes, mountains, and night walks.

Other possible locations can be Queenstown, Wanaka, and Mt Cook.

new zealand best holiday vacation

Make sure not to miss our following article about the best holiday vacations on a budget!

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Top Secret Travel Hacks You Need Before Your Next Trip 0 2759

travel hacks

Travel Hacks

Every new vacation is a new adventure, and it’s not just about the journey but the trip as well. The joy of having new adventures can be overwhelmed by stress along the ride. So in order to take your traveling trip to a whole new level, we’ve compiled some top secret travel hacks no one tells you every travel hacks and tips

#1 Use incognito browser for booking flightstop secrets travel hacks

If you ever tried to refresh the booking page to see if you can get cheaper flight tickets; STOP NOW.

Ever occurred to you that the reason it goes even higher is actually you?!

All travel and airline websites use track cookies that hike up prices based on your ID activity on the site.

The one way to avoid site from exploiting you is to book the tickets on the private mode of your browser (incognito)

#2 Become a member of TSA Precheck or Global Entry

top secret travel hacks

What are these? Only be signing up for one of these programs you get to keep your belt, shoes, and jacket on and also gives you access to express lines for 5 years.

The sign up for each site requires a personal interview and some paperwork. You’ll pay 85$ at TSA to enjoy those privileges while Precheck costs 100$ because it applies to international travel.

3# Can you really see your plane inside out before you board?trop secret travel hacks to have the best vacation

Go in SeatGuru, type whichever flight number and airline you like. You’ll see the layout of your plane along with other customers’ reviews of their experience with the flight, seats, and services.

You can get help from other users on how to choose the best seat for a leg room and power jacks on a particular plane.

4# Always travel with WiFi

Top secret travel hacks no one tells you

Pay a monthly subscription 5$ to benefit from online access to 30+ airports and is wide enough to provide service in 1,300 places like hotels, cafes, even public places.

Don’t want a subscription? Try mobile hot spots, Skyroam is a perfect choice. It costs $10 a day and provides unlimited service wherever you go.

5# Roll your clothes

top travel hacks

As mentioned before at our travel suitcase packing, roll your clothes when packing your bags to make extra capacity for more stuff.

6# Mark your baggage as fragile

mark your suitcase as fragile - top travel hacks

One of the little travel hacks I learned not too long ago from a traveling friend. If you mark your baggage as fragile it’ll be handled very softly, kept at top of the other bags, and finally come out at the first stage so you won’t wait long.

7# Scan your paperworkscan your passport id and send to your mail - top travel hacks

Scan your passport, ID card, and any other important papers you don’t want to lose while traveling and email them to yourself. This way you have an extra copy of each paper for any possible accidents like paper lost or phone theft.

Also, make sure you have a nearby pen for faster filling forms when required.

We hope our list of travel hacks have inspired you.

Where are you planning to go next? tell us in the comments section below!


Top Family Thanksgiving Getaways | Where to Go 0 1845

family thanksgiving getaways - new york festivals

Family Thanksgiving Getaways

Why waste a long holiday at home while you can travel to the best family thanksgiving getaways of your lives? I tell you, these vacations are once in a lifetime adventures!

family thanksgiving getaways

Whether you travel each year or always spend it cooking turkey dinner; This year could be different for you & your family. Skip big fancy dinner and spend this year’s Thanksgiving on a holiday vacation with your kids! (Let the cooking for someone else…)

Your kids are out of school, you’re on holiday, a perfect opportunity for a long Thanksgiving vacation, don’t you think?

Here are our top family thanksgiving getaways to chill you up and motivate your trip!

Thanksgiving Family Vacations

1# Avalon, Catalina Island:

family thanksgiving vacations

Located on the California Coast. Gather your courage, say no to the old family traditions and take your kids to this island. Go biking, kayaking, lying on the sand, playing dead on the silky waters and basically do nothing… What a peace of mind!

2# Keystone, Colorado

family thanksgiving getaways holiday – Ice Skating Rink at Lakeside Village in Keystone

Located at Keystone Resort. Ski or snowboard lovers would admire this place as much as I do. You should visit the Rocky Mountain Hideaway at least once in your life, kids are free to ski all season. Also, don’t forget to check in the winter festival on the 30th November concluding ice skating, snow tubing, and live music party.

3# Hawaii

family thanksgiving getaways family holiday vacations

Hawaii is a great holiday destination all year round. But November, in particular, could be your escape gate there. Away from the crowds, restaurants offer special meals for Thanksgiving so you can still enjoy your Turkey dinner with the family and kids, but this time fronting beautiful views and heavenly quiet restaurants in luxury resorts.

4# Orlando, Florida

family thanksgiving getaways vacation tips

There’s nothing more spectacular than visiting Disney World and Universal Studios on the Thanksgiving holiday. Plus, you won’t miss any Thanksgiving meals. Head to the Downtown Disney and check out what they offer on the menu!

5# New York, NY

family thanksgiving getaways - new york festivals

New York is famous for the Thanksgiving day parade. Attracting thousands of spectators each year, more than 50 million viewers watch on tv. You shouldn’t miss what the big city has to offer from carnivals and events. Book at one cozy hotel, watch the parade from your room and make sure to take advantage of the huge sales that open the Black Friday!

However, if you’d like to have your Thanksgiving dinner at one of New York’s fancy restaurants, make sure to book the reservation from now.

got interested? check our suitcase packing method before you set off! If you like our family Thanksgiving getaways let us know in the comments section below.

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