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december's super moon 2017

December’s Supermoon 2017

Everyone is so excited about the December’s Supermoon 2017 but you want to know more! Doesn’t we have 12 full moons each year, then why this December’s called a supermoon rather than a full one? Why it’s considered the first and only one this year? When does it occur and how can you get the best phase?

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December's supermoon 2017
The Supermoon’s shadows on Earth according to express.co.uk

The Supermoon: Scientific Facts

december's supermoon 2017

According to Nasa, the expected spectacular sight of December’s supermoon 2017 will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual full moons.

They also informed us to expect a spectacular treat for stargazers- they’ll enjoy two other supermoons the 2nd and 31st of January 2018.

This Sunday, December 3, 2017, the supermoon will appear 363,300Km closer to earth. It’ll rise at the afternoon hours of this Sunday and is expected to sit in the morning of Monday.

However, not as bright or close as last years, which doesn’t happen until every 69 years and won’t happen again until 2034.

What’s a Supermoon?

Scientists have two terms that describe the farthest and closest moon approaches to earth: Apogee, which is the furthest (405,500 Km), and Perigee, the closest (363,300 Km).

December's Supermoon 2017
According to timeanddate.com

The term Supermoon or (perigee-syzygy) describes the moon’s condition which doesn’t occur on a regular basis. It describes the moon when it’s in the closest position to Earth. It appears larger (SUPER), and also brighter than typical full moons.

However, we should expect the phenomena to cause physical effects on Earth. The moon occurring so close would make stronger gravitation pull that in turn makes larger tides which might lead to flood risks.

Is it actually the first and only one this year?

december's super moon 2017

Well, it’s the fourth supermoon in 2017. But the other three supermoons are considered (new moon phases). Meaning we don’t actually see the moon because it’s darkened by shadows. So, yeah, this is the first and only one this year that we’ll be able to see.

How to Get the Best Phase of the Supermoon?

december's supermoon 2017

There are upcoming trips and sails for farther places away from the cities that might block the sight for a clear sky. This way stargazers will get the best viewing opportunity of the moon. Most of which for sure won’t skip something like that. Don’t forget to share your best pictures of the moon with us in the comments below!

Also, Chris Dolce reports that Florida, the Southeast coast should have the clearest vision to the supermoon.

If you can’t catch a good view from your sky, head to The Virtual Telescope live streaming on Sunday at 4 p.m UT.

Supermoon Dates

These dates are the next expected dates for Perigees or Supermoons
2017: Sunday, 3 December
2018: Tuesday, 2 January.
2018: Wednesday, 31 January.
2019: Monday, 21 January.
2019: Tuesday, 19 February.

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