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Do it or not…  love it or not …  We try to save ourselves from confusion with the leaves of a rose when we attempt to make a decision about something in our life whether it is travel or a job or buying something important. We check with relatives and non-relatives asking for advice on social media to bring tens or even thousands of conflicting and completely different opinions,  this absolutely does not help us, but increases our confusion and makes us unable to make a final decision and afraid of taking any step forward. A lot of people prefer to refuse any change or progress for fear of suffering the consequences of this matter, meanwhile, other people risk without taking account of the results negatively or positively, they follow their intuition and do not think deeply or take into consideration all the choices and consequences.

Both parties are mistaken. When we make a fateful decision, there is some risk and consequence that must be taken into account, and develop a plan to avoid it. According to Paulo Coelho quote,

“The ship is safest when it’s in port, but that’s not what ships were built for.” 

The person who won’t make mistakes is someone who had never tried before, we don’t live for that. Life should be surrounded by some adventures. We can’t learn without making mistakes, then we retry again. Death only which stop us from trying and striving for the best.

If we want to overcome this confusion and achieve a decision rationally and correctly by a large percentage, we should keep some things in mind before making the final decision.

Confer with old and young people then think carefully

Ask everyone around you and anyone who has a previous experience in this matter, you like to get a new job in a company, so you have to ask someone inside this company or institution you want to work in, and another person who was working or dealing with it. Be ready for the answers because it will be completely inconsistent, everyone sees the matter from his point of view and tells through his experience and his own perspective, after blending these views you can reach a reasonable result and a good idea on the subject through which you have an initial vision of the work, its advantages, and disadvantages, and what others think it is good thing might not be so for you, and vice versa. You have to filter all the information you have collected to suit you.

Paper, pen and small table

Hold a sheet and pen then draw a table and start filling it as follows…

rational decision

The first box: (What will happen if this happens)

You’ll write down things you think you’ll get from what you want.

If what you want is a work, put all the gainings you will get from this work, whether material or moral.

For example; you gain experience in your field, a position, a physical development, new social relationships which help you in the future … etc … whatever you think you will gain from this matter.

You will have to consider that everything you write in this box is positive for you.

The second box: (What will happen if this doesn’t happen)

It may seem strange to talk about gains in the loss of what we seek, but this is the fact that every loss is a gain in another way, and from another point of view we might don’t see it in the beginning.

For example, new work might take a lot of your time, so you had more time with your family, time to practice your own hobbies or develop yourself through training courses or social activities.

Having a new opportunity to get a job better than you have lost is in itself a big gain that we can talk about.

The third box: (What won’t happen if this happens)

Many losses will occur when you can’t get what you want such as material losses, moral, personal, social and on all levels and aspects.

In the same preceding example about work, you will lose a good job opportunity, additional income you seek, and thus improve living standards or increasing stability, and many things are determined according to each case.

The fourth box: (What won’t happen if this doesn’t happen)

In mathematical logic it is considered that negate the negative sentence is already proof of it … that means you have got this goal … what are the potential losses?

You will suffer from fatigue due to long hours of work, inability to practice social activities, spending a lot of time in the way because the work is far from your house…etc.

Everything may be positive for you and negative for others, write everything you see applies to you personally.

Ink it instead of thinking about it …

Do not just think about the possibilities, the losses and the profits you will get, but write them down and look at them and keep them for later. Because you will need them … You will need them when you find that you have not reached what you want, read them to remember what you have gained in this case, which will help you to think in a more comfortable and positive way.

You need it when you face a problem, you see that you put it with losses in the fourth box, and you will have to plan to avoid these losses or reduce them to the greatest possible extent…

You should Balance your things and see what is most important for you. The family may be a priority in your life and spending more time with them is so important for you, so you will refuse to work for this reason. Money may be what you are seeking at the present time so you will sacrifice other things to make and earn money.

Follow your intuition…

Finally, follow your hunch and listen to your heart. It knows very well what you have to do and what you need, and don’t make your heart’s voice confused with other voices. This is perhaps the most difficult thing to do, so we help ourselves with those rational steps.


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