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SOS travel risk map 2018

Travel Risk Map

The International SOS and control risks concern tourists by revealing a travel risk map of countries you should never visit. Most of which have changed their travel plans as most likely you will do. The Risk Map shows ratings of world’s most dangerous countries to visit;  based on security, road safety, and health treatment.

countries you should never visit - world risk map sos

data is gathered from several surveys and health institutions like the World Health Organization.

For the past few years, there has been a lot of change in travel plans; The reason was confirmed to be avoiding travel risks. A recent survey on the matter shows 63% of people believe that travel risks have increased in tourism countries more than anytime before.

Another survey found out that natural crisis and health and security threats are the main reasons tourists cancel and change their travel plans- 58% of travelers changed their plans due to that reason.

On hearing this news, most travelers began planning their future trips according to the least dangerous country rates based on the travel risk map. You should probably do the same.

Countries you Should Never Visit


travel risk map - syria and itaq suffers

Countries with the highest dangerous rates are Syria, Mali, Libya; South Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia; and Yemen. The seven countries were marked as extremely dangerous to visit. In the meanwhile, Mexico, Pakistan, and parts of India are only marked as highly dangerous.SOS travel risk map 2018

The lowest dangerous countries to travel include Canada, US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan.

You can also include Greenland, Finland, New Zealand; Australia, Spain, Germany; and France for they have the lowest security risk rates.

When it comes to health issues, Brazil, China, and Russia have a variable risk on the matter.

On the matter of road safety, countries in Africa and those beside them have the highest risk rates. Those countries are Brazil, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Kazakhstan.

Check out our list of countries you should never visit according to the travel risk map.

World’s Most Dangerous Countries

1# Syria
world's most dangerous countries to visit - travel risk map

Syria is considered as the highest risking country in the world. In Syria, 11.5% of the overall population was either killed or injured in the crisis. The living in this country are already living on the edge; too far for tourists to have thought of visiting the world’s most dangerous country.

2# Afghanistan
Afghanistan WARNING - countries you should never visit

Since 2001, war erased the possible reasons why tourists might want to visit Afghanistan. So it’s basically not a surprise we see this country on the travel risk map. Considered as one of the world’s most dangerous countries for tourists to visit.

3# South Sudan
travel risk map 2018 south sudan extreme dangerous country

The country has suffered from internal conflicts since the independent in 2011. It’s as far as any of these countries to be your next traveling station.

Marked as EXTREME on the travel risk map, these six countries are the world’s countries you should never visit.

4# Iraq
Countries you should never visit - Iraq is one of the most dangerous countries in the world

After nine years of war in Iraq, it officially ended in December 2011. However, the country has been suffering from inner conflicts to the moment you’re reading this. It’s highly discouraged to travel to Iraq. Whether for adventure or chilling; that’s not the kind of adventure you’ll be expecting.

5# Somalia
extreme dangerous countries you should never visit - travel risk map

An ongoing conflict started in 1991 and is lasting until today in Somalia has developed the country’s state as (never to visit by tourists.)

6# Central African Republic
travel risk map 2018 central african republic extreme dangerous country

After the country’s independence, the Central African Republic was ruled by autocratic leaders who have led the country to a straight downfall. The Department of State warns individuals to avoid traveling to the Central African Republic and warns who’s already there to leave right away. It’s stated that the country has a highly unpredictable security situation.

Have you ever thought of traveling to any of these countries? Would you add another dangerous country to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below ▼

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family thanksgiving getaways - new york festivals

Family Thanksgiving Getaways

Why waste a long holiday at home while you can travel to the best family thanksgiving getaways of your lives? I tell you, these vacations are once in a lifetime adventures!

family thanksgiving getaways

Whether you travel each year or always spend it cooking turkey dinner; This year could be different for you & your family. Skip big fancy dinner and spend this year’s Thanksgiving on a holiday vacation with your kids! (Let the cooking for someone else…)

Your kids are out of school, you’re on holiday, a perfect opportunity for a long Thanksgiving vacation, don’t you think?

Here are our top family thanksgiving getaways to chill you up and motivate your trip!

Thanksgiving Family Vacations

1# Avalon, Catalina Island:

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Located on the California Coast. Gather your courage, say no to the old family traditions and take your kids to this island. Go biking, kayaking, lying on the sand, playing dead on the silky waters and basically do nothing… What a peace of mind!

2# Keystone, Colorado

family thanksgiving getaways holiday – Ice Skating Rink at Lakeside Village in Keystone

Located at Keystone Resort. Ski or snowboard lovers would admire this place as much as I do. You should visit the Rocky Mountain Hideaway at least once in your life, kids are free to ski all season. Also, don’t forget to check in the winter festival on the 30th November concluding ice skating, snow tubing, and live music party.

3# Hawaii

family thanksgiving getaways family holiday vacations

Hawaii is a great holiday destination all year round. But November, in particular, could be your escape gate there. Away from the crowds, restaurants offer special meals for Thanksgiving so you can still enjoy your Turkey dinner with the family and kids, but this time fronting beautiful views and heavenly quiet restaurants in luxury resorts.

4# Orlando, Florida

family thanksgiving getaways vacation tips

There’s nothing more spectacular than visiting Disney World and Universal Studios on the Thanksgiving holiday. Plus, you won’t miss any Thanksgiving meals. Head to the Downtown Disney and check out what they offer on the menu!

5# New York, NY

family thanksgiving getaways - new york festivals

New York is famous for the Thanksgiving day parade. Attracting thousands of spectators each year, more than 50 million viewers watch on tv. You shouldn’t miss what the big city has to offer from carnivals and events. Book at one cozy hotel, watch the parade from your room and make sure to take advantage of the huge sales that open the Black Friday!

However, if you’d like to have your Thanksgiving dinner at one of New York’s fancy restaurants, make sure to book the reservation from now.

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Thanksgiving Side Dishes

On Thanksgiving dinner, the main dishes should traditionally be Turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin. It’s probably logic to think of some Thanksgiving side dishes to fill the table and make everyone filled up. But in addition to that, you should consider everyone’s health too.

healthy thanksgiving side dishes

You don’t want your guests to suffer stomach ache after dinner and laying down in every corner in the house.

Dinner could help activate you and give you the power to keep the day going even longer, or could make you heavy and just shut down the fun.

Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dishes

1# Beet SALAD.

Healthy thanksgiving side dishes

Yes, go beyond the green casserole and the traditional Thanksgiving dinner full-of-carbs list. Here are some healthy Thanksgiving side dishes you should serve with dinner.

Serving salad should give you big balance between the carbs and fats you’re planning to stuff on the table that evening. How about this healthy, tasty, and colorful beet salad?

2# SOUP.

The canned pumpkin puree is a natural low in carb and should be a delicious addition to your Thanksgiving dinner.

The basic recipe for a pumpkin puree is to roast a small pumpkin. After that, you need to whip the flesh in your food blender. Mix it with low sodium vegetable broth, chopped onion, and garlic, with a touch of ground cinnamon and nutmeg. Simmer until smooth. There you go!

3# Nourishing Nibbles

Healthy thanksgiving side dishes and plates

Ever occurred to your mind that turkey dinner sides can be both healthy and delicious? Here’s a tip.

Change your habits, start this year with something you’re not used to as well as your guests. It only takes from five to ten seconds to prepare. Replace your annual buttery crackers and fatty cheeses with other low fat and rice crackers with tasty rye flatbread.

And to top all that, add savory hummus with low-fat cheese; salsa and black bean flavored spread. Give it a try and let me know your results!

4# Roasted Vegetables

healthy thanksgiving side dishes and recipes

My favorite side has arrived! Grab some of your favorite root veggies. Whether it was turnips, beets, onion yam or squash, you can add them all together. Don’t forget a touch of bell pepper, garlic and mushrooms too for a perfect flavor. Add salt and rosemary to your liking

Brush the veggies with olive oil and roast in the oven until fully cooked- 30 minutes. Check and stir every 10 minutes.

5# Fruit Stuffing

healthy thanksgiving side dishes and ideas

If you’re willing to replace fat with health, then don’t hesitate about it. Tun the turkey and butter stuffing into a homemade fruit stuffing with low wheat bread and low-sodium chicken base!

You might have to gain some calories on Thanksgiving. But who said you can’t limit it down with some healthy Thanksgiving side dishes??

Give those Thanksgiving dinner ideas a try and let me know your results and favorite Thanksgiving recipes in the comments section below!

healthy thanksgiving side dishes ideas and tips

Bon Appetite!

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