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If you do not know anything about Mozart, so you missed a lot. He is one of the greatest composers in the history. Mozart has left his deep impact, despite living for a short time.

Mozart grew up learning from the classical schools in Vienna in the era of Beethoven and other great musicians. He excelled in achieving creative successes, unlike any other composer in musical history. He composed in all kinds of music in his time, and excelled in each type separately making his music has a different sense than his peers.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Vienna, Austria in 1756, in a city called Salzburg which was within the borders of the Holy Roman Empire in this time. He grew up in a Christian family that love arts and music, and it is known that they were a religious family too.

After Mozart birth, the musical tones were the first thing he heard, as his father was one of the most brilliant musicians in his time. He was the person who leads the orchestra for the archbishop in Salzburg, but he did not achieve fame or success despite his musical skill and did not make enough money. So Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart spent all his childhood without any forms of luxury.

Suffering and Illness

Mozart started his suffering and illness very early as he had kidney failure in his childhood and he was repeatedly hit by fever, but his family was very poor and his father was unable to get the money to provide him with the necessary health care. so his childhood was a combination of all kinds of deprivation, pain and suffering. All this was a reason for his passion for music. He was saying that music distracts him from his illness.

Mozart talent emerged very early, he mastered playing at the age of four. Although it is hard to believe that information, but most historians agree on its validity. He also started to participate in concerts at the age of six. His father was early aware of his musical talent as a seasoned musician. His was a faithful teacher of him and was keen to teach him playing methods and origins of musical composition. In 1762, he realised that the talent of his son is bigger than staying in Salzburg, so he decided to accompany him and his sister on a long journey through the largest and most famous European cities to give them the opportunity to shine and show their talent.

The fame

The boy musician, Mozart became very famous, and the musical performances that he did in London, Paris, Zurich and Prague became popular and achieved great success. In 1777, the family moved to Mannheim to present their performances there where they met the violinist (Fridolin Weber), and during this visit, Mozart met Constanze Weber for the first time and felt attracted to her, then they met again in Vienna in 1781. Then they married and had six children, but due to the poor health care, only two of them were able to reach the age of youth.

In this time, Mozart was widely recognized and regularly performed his musical performances in major European cities. in 1786, Mozart started his operatic writing. He also organized 15 concerts where he played the piano too. In the same year, it was the successful premiere of The Marriage of Figaro in Vienna, then he achieved the same success in the next year in the premiere of the opera Don Giovanni. After all these consecutive successes, Mozart was able to make the wealth which he long dreamed of. But he and his family spent a lot of money on luxury and extravagances, and this matter had a negative impact on him in his last years, so he squandered wealth, declared bankruptcy and returned to poverty.

His last days

Mozart suffered in his last days of illness and poverty, he did not have the cost of his treatment causing his health to deteriorate rapidly. Mozart died in his home in 1791, and he was buried in a common grave as there was not enough money to get a decent cemetery for him. Only five people attended the funeral, and his wife was not among them due to the severe cold. Historians considered this funeral events is the most shameful event in music history. Several centuries later, pictures and music of Mozart adorn the streets of Salzburg as an eternal symbol.

For many historians, Mozart is the greatest musician in the history of art. He also has credit in releasing the music composition from its restrictions. He also contributed to writing the musical notes. Mozart achieved all these unprecedented achievements in a short period of time, as he died in the age of 35 leaving a legacy sufficient for hundreds of years.

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