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Marilyn Monroe

American girl lacks intelligence and talent who only has a magical attraction which made her the icon of beauty and femininity in the world after she gained global popularity in the fifties of the last century.

Marilyn Monroe was not just a glamorous actress, but her name was associated with a lot of famous economists and politicians. For many years, Marilyn was universally considered as a provocative and beautiful woman who ended her life as she wished, but she wasn’t like that for those who got close to her personal life and read about it.

Marilyn Monroe


Her birth

Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926, as Norma Jeane Mortenson, to change her name later to Norma Jean Baker. She suffered from stuttering and spent a sorrowful childhood where she grew up in the orphanage since the age of nine after her mother couldn’t raise her. She also moved around several families, and she was subjected to sexual harassments many times which made her suffer from a lot of psychological disorders.

Marilyn Monroe


Her marriage

At the age of 16, Marilyn married her 21-year-old neighbor but they separated after a four-year marriage. She married a baseball player, Joe DiMaggio, in 1954, a marriage that didn’t last more than nine months where she asked for a divorce because he physically abused her several times, her third husband was the American playwright Arthur miller.

Marilyn appeared for the first time in public on the cover photo of a magazine which was published by her first husband James Dougherty.

She signed a contract with a model agency and was featured mostly in advertisements to get her first salary immediately after the war in 1945.

It is said that her jaw, teeth, and nose have been modified by many plastic surgeries, she wasn’t actually that beauty.

But when she appeared with her blond hair and bombshell beauty which wield over the minds of men, Marilyn Monroe quickly turned into a model of what America wanted to be after World War II.

Marilyn Monroe

Some critics see that Marilyn Monroe was entirely fake, she had to remain a custom-made puppet in front of the world and on the movie screens to envision America’s state which was eager to tempt, and dominate the world’s people, Marilyn Monroe became the dream woman and America the dream country.

Marilyn wasn’t funny girl and full of life as she was portrayed by the media but she was weak person with innocence of children who wanted to live a normal life away from the hustle of stardom.

Marilyn lived in great bitterness and didn’t feel blissful as she wrote in her personal notes, she also said, “I feel all the time that I’m a sham woman, worry about my relationship with the president and his brother, and I can’t solve the problem of my homeless childhood. I don’t feel like a superstar, seek nothing more than the happiness and to know who my real father is. I don’t know about myself except that I was a bastard and don’t like death”.

Marilyn Monroe has participated in many films such as Some Like It Hot, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and How to Marry a Millionaire. Despite the great success of these films, but in fact, she was a very bad actress. She was famous for her frequent mistakes in retaining dialogues of the movies.

The Hollywood icon changed her religion several times even though she was born into a Christian family but moved between more than one belief, no one knows obviously her faith until the time of her death.

Marilyn Monroe



Marilyn Monroe was found dead on August 5, 1962, at her home in Los Angeles at the age of 36, the incident was largely vague as views were divided about the actual cause of death. The police investigation concluded that she committed suicide with barbiturate overdose, while others believe that C.I.A killed her by lethal syringe because of Marilyn’s threats to disclose important documents. This was ordered by Senator Robert Kennedy, for fear of revealing her relationships with the Kennedy family, including US President John F. Kennedy.

On March 25, 2015, a retired CIA agent confessed on deathbed” I killed Marilyn Monroe” on the order of the agency’s administration, indicating that he carried out 37 assassinations in order to serve the interests of officials in the US administration, including the murder of Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe died after a short and miserable life, but she became the symbol of beauty with her charm and lustful femininity. Marilyn Monroe was and continues to be the source of inspiration for many fashion brands and beauty around the world.

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