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Killer Robots

Robots are the widely wanted future technology. They are used to help people doing their daily work. It is a billion dollars industry used by the most developed countries. Some factories use robots instead of humans in order to improve the quality of their products. “Killer robots” is a different technology. It’s not made for spreading peace. It has been invented to kill.

Developing artificial intelligence (AI) threatening the world peace

Scientists and inventors have fear from developed robots. The idea of machines which act like humans raised their concerns. Artificial intelligence could be a devastated weapon. When machines think, feel and act like humans, they are expected to erupt. The evolutionary prospective of the machines controlling their actions and determining their goals and targets is dangerous. Those fears extended to the idea of machines controlling people for their own sake. As long as modern technology is under control, then there are no fears. The problem is when we lose control and it is all turned upside down; here lies the real danger. When magic turns on magician, not only those inventors would be in danger but the whole world.


Small Killer Robots

Killer robots as autonomous weapons

Military arms have developed robots and weapons to kill instead of soldiers. This idea helps in saving souls, as long as it’s controlled by humans. Killer robots are small self controlled weapons that find, track and shoot people in the head. They are one hundred times faster than the regular soldier. They explode in the victim’s head. The technology of autonomous killer robots that are controlled and supervised by humans have already being used in the advanced countries such as UK, USA, Israel and China.

Killer robots which use facial recognition before killing humans will be devastating to humankind

Killer robots are accurate killing machines

Activists and criminals are used to hide their faces and commit their terrorist crimes without being known. However; killer robots are provided with a small camera that uses facial recognition technique to identify their target. Nuclear weapons became outdated. By using killer robots, the military forces around the world are saving their army souls. All they need to do is to determine the target for the robots and unleash them to kill.

The temptation of the killer robots

As the killer robots is a cheap, easy to be created, more accurate and powerful technique; that raised the temptation level to have it. The campaigns to stop killer robots are concerned about the conflicts that would take place in order to have this technology.

Killer robots which use facial recognition before killing humans
Killer robots which use facial recognition before killing humans


Scientists and campaigns are appealing to ban killer robots

Scientists and campaigns are warning and appealing to stop and ban this devastating technology of the fully autonomous weapons. They think that by unleashing robots which choose to kill humans is threatening the whole world peace and freedom. The whole world will be insecure if it comes to the wrong hands. They think killer robots are terrifying. Terrorists could use these killer robots in order to kill innocents for their own sake. They could use this technology to explode classes that are full of students or kill politicians to achieve their own aims. When it comes to the killer robots, no one is safe.

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