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The bad habits

I personally believe that what makes the difference between the successful and unsuccessful person is not just the readiness and will, but it is practically the nature of our daily habits. There are habits that help and lead to success, and other habits that make a lot of opportunities for us.

Each one of us can manage the good times and instills habits that spread happiness and success, but we also make bad habits which cause fatigue, frustration and a significant barrier to success. When we behave like the person we want to be, often we will become that person. Eliminating negative habits in the past is not an indicator of our performance in the future.

We can change the habit, but only if we know the logic of the habit and understand the most effective ways to fight against the unwanted acts. Above all, it is important to remember that it is not easy to break bad habits, but the most difficult is to live with it.

The interpretation of self-discipline and willpower

Self-discipline and willpower is the factor that determines the quality of life that we live. Fortunately, willpower is a skill that you can acquire or gain. But willpower alone is not enough to protect us from engaging in the behaviors that we do not want.

Whenever we plan to change the habit, it is easy to underrate the level of temptation or desire we experience in frequent times.

The problem is that relying on mental power alone will not teach you how to behave when stress or mental fatigue overwhelms you. Your willpower is a muscle, as the days go by, you will become more vulnerable to return to your old habits if you did not care.

Ego depletion comes from the idea that self-control or willpower depends on a limited set of mental resources that we can use when we can.

Change your bad habits

Five simple steps to start the transformation of the behavior and habit

Understand and identify the motivations and stimulus that were the cause to engage in the undesired habit. Be honest with yourself. The more you have information about the habit, the easier to eliminate it. Below we have 5 exercises that will help you strengthen your knowledge of the habit.

  • Make a commitment to change one habit at a time.

It is almost impossible to make multiple changes at once. Most people do not have the willpower to manage several new routines. Depending on the source you reference, the formulation of a new habit may take only three weeks or two months.

  • Write the reasons why you want to make a change.

Know why you want to make the change, and what results that you expect from that experience.

  • Take a vacation away from our digital lives

Be away from the internet completely, do this for a few hours at a time.

  • Achieve small wins

The most effective way to make lasting change is to focus on improving increasingly every day. Your goal is to wean yourself from the habit through setting specific goals, so you can constantly reduce the amount of time you spend doing unwanted habit.

  • Know the actions, attitudes, and feelings that lead to unwanted habits.

Is it depression, boredom, excitement, nervousness or other feelings that leads to the need to engage in the habit? Once you know this, you can save your willpower when you feel it.


More than 40% of what you do every day is a normal thing. We do everything for a specific reason. Habits appear because the brain is always looking for ways to keep the effort.

When the habit arises, the brain stops completely from participating in decision-making. But all this can change, it simply takes time, self-knowledge, faith and firmness on the goals.

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